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Rainbow nori wraps

Serves 4

4 Sushi nori wraps

1 ripe avocado (cut into long slices)

1/4 red cabbage (finely sliced)

1 grated carrot

1 sweet potato (cut into batons)

1/2 cucumber (cut into batons)

2 spring onions (cut into long matchsticks)

1/2 yellow pepper (cut into batons)

100g chopped fresh spinach

Handful of chopped coriander

1 tsb coconut oil

Zest of a lime

Sushi rolling mat (optional)


Cashew and miso dressing

1 tbs cashew nut butter

1 tsp toasted sesame oil

1 tbs miso paste

1 tbs water

Juice of a lime

1/2 finely chopped fresh red chilli


1. Roast the sweet potato batons in the oven with coconut oil, salt and pepper until soft in the middle and crisp in the middle. Leave to cool.

2. In a bowl make the dressing by whisking up the cashew nut butter, miso, sesame oil, lime juice and red chilli. Add  water if the dressing is too thick.

3. Place a nori wrap shiny side down on the sushi rolling mat (if you aren't using a sushi mat, just place the nori wrap on a dry chopping board). Have a bowl of cold water ready to secure the roll.

4. Spread the chopped spinach on a third of the nori wrap, top with 2-3 pieces of each of the veg; sweet potato, avocado, yellow pepper, spring onion, carrot, red cabbage and coriander, 1/4 zest of lime, 

5. Carefully fold over the nori wrap and roll it up to the end of the mat. Dip your finger in the water and spread the water across the edge of the nori wrap to seal the roll.

6. Chop the nori wrap in half with a sharp knife (holding the roll) and serve with the cashew and miso dressing.