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Spinach & mushroom pancakes

Serves 4

250g of oats

600g of full fat cottage cheese

4 free range eggs (separated)

Squeeze of lemon juice

Whole nutmeg

Dash of milk (can use oat milk)

1 tbs full fat Greek yogurt

3 Portobello mushrooms (chopped)

Fresh or dried thyme

1 tbs Olive/coconut oil



1. Using a food processor, whizz up the oats until they resemble flour
2. In a bowl, add egg yokes, cottage cheese, milk, salt and pepper a to the oats and mix into a batter consistency
3. Whisk the egg whites into soft peaks and fold into the batter
4. Heat some coconut oil in a pan and drop tablespoons of the batter into the pan to make lots of little pancakes
5. Carefully flip the pancakes once they have browned on one side and cook on the other side until golden brown
6. In a separate pan,  fry the mushrooms in olive oil with fresh thyme, salt and pepper
7.  Add Greek yoghurt to mushrooms and stir
8. In a separate pan, fry the spinach in a little olive oil with a squeeze of lemon juice and some freshly grated nutmeg
9. Stack the pancakes with mushrooms and spinach on each layer, drizzling the mushroom sauce over the top!