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We specialise in colourful, fun and nourishing catering. Give us a tinkle  if you are looking for wild and tasty food for your special occasion. We love working with you to create a bespoke menu perfect to wow your guests!


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Healed Sole’s – Group Healing & Meditation Night

Mim Mc


Mondays seem to be a day that you just try to get through, make yourself dinner and take yourself to bed hoping for Tuesday.  This Monday, however, was rather different!

We were invited along to provide the treats for Healed Sole’s Group Healing and Meditation Night. Set in De Parma’s stunning midcentury gallery in Chelsea, we were joined by 10 lovely souls all there to be guided by the magical and beautiful Veronica Amarelle.

As we sat down on the classic Italian armchairs and got chatting, there were a mix of reasons people came along from seeking relief from their busy and stressful jobs,  to anxiety issues and those just curiousness as to how meditation could help them. Veronica is a trained reflexologist, NLP life coach, Reiki Master and uses all the techniques she has learnt to guide you through a blissful hour of personal development and meditation.

Each week explores a different theme and variety of techniques, this week was love! We started with breathing exercises and visualising our feet being anchored down into the middle of the earth. This was incredibly powerful and our feet felt like lead weights for the whole hour!  We were then taken on a journey as we created our own interpretations of situations and places that Veronica places in your mind,  one of my visits was to a big lake with a gold, purple and red sunset.

As we were stirred back to life by wiggling our fingers and toes, there were lots of big sleepy smiles across everyone’s faces. People felt they could see and feel the heat of light and others saw radiating purple colours.

We floated back to the tube feeling soothed without a care in the world! Whatever you think of visualisation and meditation, it’s definitely an experience to try and makes you aware of quite how powerful your mind is!

Veronica has set up these evenings so that people have access to these powerful mediums and says ‘more people can experience and understand the huge benefits of healing and mediation and how it provides a sense of centeredness and alignment in day to day life. Stress will reduce, happiness will thrive and we’ll all find life that little bit easier’.

The Healing events are fortnightly to create a continual top up of cleansing and realigning in an affordable and friendly environment.  The next event has the theme of ‘Harnessing your energy'’ and is on Monday 21st March 7-9pm (£20 per person) at De Parma Gallery, 247 Fulham Road.  We will be rustling up an apple and olive oil cake and chai wild bars. 

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You can also find out more information on other treatments, coaching sessions and events on Veronica’s Healed Soles website.